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In our health-conscious world, we still need delicious food and tasty snacks. Our non-GMO snack dip and spreads provide the best of all worlds: healthy, scrumptious, and sustainable. Enjoy guilt-free spreads without the negative side effects to your health or the environment. This is the kind of world we enjoy at Sabad Foods.


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About Us

Sabad Foods, in San Diego, California, produces healthy snack food spreads. Perfect for use as a peanut butter alternative or energy-packed meal supplement, our spreads are great for the whole family. We've been in business for more than 5 years, and due to an overwhelmingly positive response to our delicious products, we're looking forward to providing healthy alternatives to common snacks for a long time to come.

Our founder, Ali, is passionate about providing alternatives to foods that cause allergic reactions for a lot of people. It wasn't long before his brother enthusiastically joined in to create the family business. With 20 years of experience, our goal today is to make it easy for you to lead a healthy life while enjoying food that tastes great.

Sabad Foods, goes beyond tasting great. Our overall compassionate approach to business guides our decisions. For example, we avoid palm oil because it's being mass-produced, causing rain forests and other critical natural habitats to be destroyed. In the interest of conservation of these essential biospheres, our products do not contain palm oil. All our food is natural, certified non-GMO, palm oil free and gluten-free. There are no preservatives, no peanuts, and no stabilizers. Turn to us for simply good food that tastes great.




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